Diane Von Furstenberg - Backstage

Oh my.. word…. wow…..

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This isn’t the typical person I’d take note of, but really… there are many here who look like her. And occasionally it’s nice to stop and appreciate their beauty, strong personalities and facial expressions, hard and tested, yet probably soft and kind inside, wanting someone to appreciate their softness and treat them like so.

I am starting to wonder if latina’s have oriental blood…. what a fine gem.

After every storm, there will be calm. After every night there will be morning. After the winter there will be spring. It seems.. there is always something good to come after getting through the problems of a relationship, getting to the other side, getting to agreement and communication and understanding.

I like this set of pictures. It reminds me of those moments after the darkness, moments where she smiles with you, at you, and is just happy to laugh and enjoy who you are.. that moment where you did it right, said sorry, fixed your mistakes and became a better man, and learnt how to talk. You learnt to manage her, and you also found yourself some inner peace and happiness.. learnt to get rid of that inner darkness, shined a light, and learnt to manage it all.. just a little…. I can’t say I was that man, nor can I say it was all me.. but somehow it worked out and we love each other again and desire each other again. We got past this months weird moon and got over our issues and mistakes, my mistakes, and her things, our hurt feelings and misunderstanding. Now.. we can stand and smile and enjoy some light, some warmth..

When one can get through the disagreements and communication problems, and you find your girl to smile, relax and melt in your embrace or in your life, smiling and enjoying you and wanting you more, and being a little younger than the dark world has made her to be…. that is a beautiful thing, and I saw a little of that, even with my nasty cold that I have right now… it was worth the struggles…… emotional ones, but worth it.

Lee Ho Sin - May 13, 2014 1st Set

Those lips! SO LARGE AND SOFT AND SQUISHY. I made out with a girl in Argentina who had lips like that, I couldn’t stop making out it just make me get lost.

Hattie in the Window by Griffin LauermanCompliments of lauermanphotography

Hattie in the Window by Griffin Lauerman

Compliments of lauermanphotography

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